Do You Have Breast Cancer?

A cancer diagnosis is scary no matter who you are. The chances of recovery and treatment vary due to various scenarios; age, health condition, finances, how soon the tumor is detected, and other factors. It’s imperative to choose the right mount pleasant breast cancer surgery services to help. There are no good mistakes when your life’s at risk.

Recovery time and treatment are vital for patients. Putting them at ease about the procedure makes things easier. When possible, using minimally invasive surgeries will help minimize recovery time. But open surgery is still an option for those who need that.

Open surgery requires the surgeon to make an incision long enough to perform the procedure using their hands. While conventional, it’s the option with the longest recovery time and highest risk of scarring. If that’s not an issue, then do that. But if you want minimal invasive options, they exist.  

Laparoscopic and robotic surgery is less invasive- while needing a longer operating period than conventional methods. They only require a small incision, have better points of accuracy, and have minimal chance of scarring. Leaving the patient with a shorter recovery time after cancer tumors and unhealthy tissue are removed.

With breast cancer, the sooner it’s detected, the better your chance of survival. Breast biopsies examine the potentially cancerous tissue to let the surgeon know your condition. Lumpectomy and mastectomy are the two most common surgery options. The patient will discuss each procedure with the surgeon before choosing the one best for them.

mount pleasant breast cancer surgery

Breast cancer is a diagnosis nobody wants to hear. But with early detection or aggressive treatment, there’s hope. Having cancer isn’t an automatic death sentence today. Contacting the right institution with a top-notch medical team will boost your chance of survival. Don’t wait to get a consultation right away.