Betting on doubles in tennis

When people think of tennis and betting on tennis, it is probably likely they will first think of the singles game. It is perhaps unfortunate to always do so but there can be no denying that the superstars of the singles game bring a lot of extra coverage to the sport. However, tennis doubles is also an extremely interesting game and a lot of fun and enjoyment can be derived from the game for fans and betting enthusiasts alike. Betting on tennis doubles gives an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash and add an extra level of excitement to tennis doubles which otherwise may not be ranked so highly.

The star names play in doubles too

One thing to recall about tennis doubles is that it quite often features the top tennis players in action but in an atmosphere that has less pressure. This can sometimes lead to upsets and shock results which is great for beating the bookies. Of course, these scores are classed as shock results because a top name or two may be defeated but it should be borne in mind that tennis doubles is an extremely different discipline to a singles match.

This means a duo of highly experienced yet lesser skilled tennis doubles player have a great chance of defeating two highly skilled singles players. This makes betting on tennis doubles a potentially lucrative sport to bet on if the odds are stacked in the favour of the big name players as opposed to the tennis doubles specialists. It may not sound like much of a difference but it can be enough to sway a tie away from the favourite and when betting on tennis, this may make all the difference.

Doubles matches receive less coverage

Any advantage that a punter can gain could see them win more money than they lose and turning towards betting on tennis doubles may make all the difference. Tennis doubles matches receive less coverage and press focus than their singles equivalent so the odds for betting on tennis doubles matches may be better in order to entice more people into betting on tennis doubles matches. Bookies quite often run loss leaders on certain markets to encourage more interaction and tennis doubles is a perfect sport for them to do such a thing.

With the matches not receiving as much coverage, bookmakers may be hoping there is a lesser knowledge about some of the games or the determination to win involved which will increase their balance of knowledge. If betting fans take a bigger interest in the sport, this advantage will be negated and betting on tennis doubles will become a far more attractive option for many consumers.

There are obviously many areas where betting on tennis can be undertaken and tennis doubles, like the singles game, has a number of in-play betting options. Betting on tennis whilst games are underway has risen in popularity sharply in recent years and with so many betting options available, is it any wonder there has been such a rise? From tennis betting on the next set to how many points each match will contain, tennis doubles provides a huge level of options for any tennis betting enthusiast.